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KLUBKIÁLLÍTÁS-CLUB SHOW - Információk ITT! Komondor - The Hungarian sheepdog ancient character, dignified appearance to fitting the true Hungarian trait of. These dog Breeds honest character of the land incredible work of cultivating the people, just as the first line of herds and flocks preserving freedom loving shepherd people liked and estimate. - Linguists, the word kun sheepdog origin: gumandur meaning kun, today's report (for use with word kun kun & dur = Guman Turkish suffix) Cumans a Komondor dog, dog on word won. The first member of the sheepdog absorbed the meaning of the whole phrase. (Dr. Katsányi Zsigmond)
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2014 this year was special for us, because besides Pasa his wives and his offsprings also took part in the shows. In February on the CACIB show Pasa won Best of Breed, the most beautiful hungarian breed, BOG 3. His sun, Hűségvárosi Bojtár and his daughter, Böske won excellent judgements in Junior Class, and Bodza won the Best Junior title. Our girls, Somogyi Betyár Felhő and Hét-Szilvafás Menti Árvácska were successful and they also got excellent judgements.The World Cup of the Hungarian .... Next ☞
Year 2015 The beginning of this year was great for us, because in the middle of January nine small komondor puppies from Pasa von Thüringen and Hét-Szilvafá Menti Árvácska were born. All the puppies are growing up, and we were full of energy for 2015. It was a difficult decision, but we made Pasa’s hair shorter, because we were afraid of the weight of the hair, and of the hot weather in summer. We ended vying with PASA (after all the beautiful results), but our sweet dog’s life became be much better. He moves .... Next ☞
our results year of 2016 HJCH, HCH, HSCH, HGRCH Andaházi Tanyák Őre ANCSA has more Best of Breed results, and she was winner of the Clubshow of Hungarian Komondor Clubs, she is Adult Clubwinner of 2016. Her sister HJCH, HCH, HSCH, Andaházi Tanyák Őre ALMA was going on the same way, she got more of Best of Breeds and special Clubwinner results. In this year were coming puppies from ZSUZSI and PASA. Two very nice komondors Gyöngyös and Gyapjas grew up at us. Kadarka mama had a litter of two puppies, .... Next ☞
our result year of 2017 In the first weeks of 2017 we had beautiful time with our puppies. We kept two puppies from them. Írisz the only one girl, and Illés. First parts of this year HJCH HCH Andaházi Tanyák Őre GABÓCAgirl acted in an effective way. On the Clubshow 2017 of Hungarian Komondor klub she got „ Jung Clubwinner of Komondor. and on the same show got HJCH, HCH, HSCH, Andaházi Tanyák Őre ALMA Clubwinner Adult Komondor .... Next ☞
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